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Snappy Snacks

Snappy Snacks company began out of love, and a desire to help women enjoy breastfeeding. When you are stressed out, and it's a struggle, it's hard to see the joy that it can become. Snappy Snack's line of Lactation Snacks wants to help you meet your breastfeeding goals! By naturally increasing your milk supply with our Snappy Snacks you save the cost of formula top-ups, skip the bitter teas, and don't have to gag down bowls of oatmeal and handfuls of pills. Plus your baby gets all the great health benefits of only drinking breast milk. 

Snappy Snack cookies are based on five lactogenic super foods: Oats, Ginger, Flax and Sesame Seeds, and Fenugreek. We aim to make all our products healthier than the average baked treat, easy to use, and highly effective. 


After all, Everyone Needs a Little Help Sometimes.